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Everything you need to know about renovation insurance.

More than two thirds of UK homeowners didn’t tell their insurer about having renovation work done*. That meant they wouldn’t have been covered for the project they were working on.

If you are undergoing any type of renovation, alteration, demolition or extension to your home, it is important to notify your existing insurer as it is likely that they will be unable to accommodate the building works resulting in either cancelling the policy or applying a number of terms or restrictions.

Another factor to consider is whether your proposed works will require the property to be vacated. Most standard home insurance policies have an unoccupancy clause on them which restricts the cover if the property is empty for more than 30 days.

What will insurers need to know?

In order to get a renovation insurance quote, we will require information such as:

  • Description of works
  • Works duration
  • Cost of works
  • Details regarding the existing structure
What does our renovation insurance policy cover?

Internal Renovations

It is important to notify your existing insurance company when carrying out internal renovations as any new materials that have been delivered will not be covered under a standard buildings policy until they are fitted i.e. new kitchen, bathrooms, tiles etc. These items will however, be covered as standard under our specialist renovation insurance policy.

Structural Renovations 

If your project consists of any structural works it is important to consider a specialist policy to provide cover for the existing structure and new works. The risk is not always just to the insured property. Building work can also result in damage being caused to neighbouring properties and this should also be a consideration. Our renovation insurance policy can be extended to provide insurance cover for the neighbouring property. This is called ‘Non-negligence insurance’.

Major Renovations

Usually in order to carry out Major Renovations, you will need to move out of the property leaving it unoccupied. This is not something that most building insurers are able to accommodate. We would class Major Renovations as piling works, basements, demolition etc. These are all things that can be catered for under our renovation insurance policy.

*according to a report by Hiscox Insurance 

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Q: I thought my builder was covering the works?

A: Many people are under the impression that their builder will be covering the works with their insurance, however this is not always the case. It is a condition of our policy that any builder you appoint must have at least £2m Public Liability Insurance in place but this would only cover claims in the event of their negligence. There are still instances where you as the property owner could be liable for a claim such as if any damage is done to your neighbour’s property during the renovation project. That is why having renovation insurance is strongly recommended.

Q: I am carrying out the works myself. Is this OK?

A: Yes, this is OK! There is no requirement under our renovation insurance policy for you to appoint a builder to carry out the renovation works unless you are carrying out major ground works such as basement excavations, underpinning, piling etc. If you are carrying out the works yourself we would recommend our Premier Plus Policy as this will include cover for Accidental Damage.

Q: I am only carrying out cosmetic works, do I still need specialist renovation insurance cover?

A: There is no project too small for our renovation insurance policy, however we would recommend that you speak with your existing insurer prior to contacting us as if the works are only minimal, they may be able to continue cover. If your existing insurer is able to continue cover, please check any terms or restrictions that have been applied.

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