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Extending a property not only gives you more living space, but it can also greatly increase its value. If you’re happy where you are but you need more room, it makes financial sense to opt for a building extension rather than looking for a new home altogether.

Renovation work can take several months and is notorious for getting messy – particularly if you’re knocking down walls or underpinning foundations. So, whether you’re opting for a self-build extension or you’re hiring a team of trusty professionals, it’s important to have the right building extension insurance in place. This will ensure you’re protected throughout the renovation so you can plough ahead with peace of mind.

What does home extension insurance cover?

Home extension insurance protects your property, all the new works taking place and any people on site – from start to finish. Be wary that many standard home insurers won’t cover the property in question during extension works. Renovation and extension insurance plugs this gap – giving you continuous, comprehensive cover while your project is underway.

Rear, side or front extension

Whether you’re extending to the back, side, or front of your property, it’s likely your home insurer won’t cover the structural works involved. That’s where Renovation Plan come in. Simply choose our home extension insurance and we’ll cover it for you.

Extending up into the loft

While many loft conversions can be carried out without planning permission, standard insurance is unlikely to cover the work taking place. When you choose our building extension insurance you don’t have to worry. You can rest easy knowing this covers everything from the existing structure to all new works, plus any fixtures and fittings once they’re delivered to the site.

Basement extensions

If you’re planning a basement extension, you’ll require specialist cover. Our range of home extension insurance policies can protect you for all works involving underpinning and piling, with the additional benefit of covering neighbouring semi-detached or terraced properties too.

Why do you need building extension insurance?

While planning an extension is an exciting time, we know that even the best-laid plans can sometimes go wrong. Whether you’re rolling up your sleeves and opting for a self-build extension or employing contractors to do the work for you, there are countless risks involved that you should consider. These can include stolen equipment and on-site injuries.

All extension projects involve a degree of structural work, which means your standard home insurer is unlikely to cover you. This is also true for your builder’s insurance, which is designed to protect them and not you. Not having the correct policy in place will leave your property vulnerable throughout the entire building works.

That’s why we’re here. Our trusted renovation and extension insurance effectively replaces your home insurance for the duration of your project, keeping both your extension and the rest of your property protected under one straightforward policy.

Your choice of cover level

We offer three levels of cover to suit your needs:

  • Standard – offering essential protection against limited risks
  • Premier – providing a wider range of cover, suitable for small to medium-sized projects
  • Premier Plus – covering ‘All Risks’ and best for larger, more complex renovation projects.

Find out how each level of cover compares.

What we need to know to get you covered

We understand that every project is unique. Before we can offer you a tailored quote, we need the following details to help us find the right cover for you:

  • Your project start date
  • A description of the works
  • How long the works are expected to take
  • The overall costs
  • Details regarding the existing structure

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FAQs about building extension insurance

Q: Will my builder be covering this work?

A: Your builder should have at least £2m Public Liability insurance to cover any damage they cause. But if something happens that isn’t your builder’s fault – such as fire, flood, escape of water, theft and impact – their policy won’t cover it as their negligence cannot be proven. That’s why you need extension insurance, to make sure you’re fully protected in such circumstances.

Q: I have existing buildings insurance; will they not cover this new part of the property?

A: Once the extension is complete with all fixtures and fittings installed and it’s been signed off by building regulations (if needed), then yes, your home insurer will cover the extension. But don’t forget that during the construction period your existing insurer will most likely apply a works exclusion to the policy, which leaves your home and your new extension at risk while the work is carried out.

Q: My extension will not be weatherproof/watertight for part of the build; will this be a problem?

A: Don’t worry, we understand that part way through a build an extension may not be completely weatherproof and watertight so this isn’t a problem. Just be aware that during this time, there may be certain restrictions applied depending on the level of cover you go for.

How much does home extension insurance cost?

The cost of your extension insurance depends on various factors, such as the type of works you plan to carry out, how long the project is estimated to go on for and the level of cover you choose. We’ll always ask you a few need-to-know questions before we can find the right policy to cover your home renovation.

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