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Renovation Plan can provide insurance for a self-build project under our Premier Plus product as this offers ‘All Risks’ insurance. The policy would normally be based on the contract works only, as there wouldn’t be any existing structure on site.

Self-build insurance can also cater for a property owner looking to do the works themselves for projects such as extensions, a loft conversion, barn conversions or a new build. If you are a builder, or work in the construction industry, you may do the works yourself to save on labour costs. The self-build insurance policy will be able to cover the work you are doing yourself under the Accidental Damage section. There are limitations to this – for instance any basement works, underpinning or piling must be completed by a specialist contractor.

The Premier Plus product can also cover any machinery or Hired in Plant you may have on site. If required, your self-build insurance cover can be extended to insure your own hand tools should they be used in connection with your project.

What is a self-build?

A self-build does not necessarily mean you would be building your own property with your bare hands! The term is a little bit broader now. It is now much more common for people to choose to start their own self-build rather than buy a property, whether this be with the help of an architect, project manager or main contractor.

What does Self-Build Insurance offer?

Self-build insurance provides cover for the full cost of the project, materials, fixtures & fittings and Public Liability for the site. This could also extend to cover any tools, machinery or any Hired in Plant you may have on site.

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Q: I’m living on site during my build. Will this be a problem?

A: No, we don’t mind if you are living on site. Our self-build insurance policy can cover your caravan or site huts.

Q: Will my builder be insuring the works?

A: If you appoint a main contractor, they may have insurance for the works, but your contractor’s insurance could be for their liabilities only. This would leave the contract works uninsured and you at risk. Having the right self-build insurance policy in place would help protect you and your project.

Q: If my project doesn’t go to plan can I extend my self-build insurance policy?

A: We understand that projects don’t always go to plan which is why we offer flexible self-build insurance policy extensions for a minimum period of 1 month at a time.  We will be in touch before the end of your self-build insurance policy expiry date to check if you need an extension.

Q: How much does a self-build insurance policy cost?

A: Every project is different which is why we can’t provide a self-build insurance price without knowing the full details of your project. You can start your self-build insurance quote online by providing your project information to get an accurate self-build insurance cost. We insure self-build projects on our Premier Plus level of cover, which has a minimum premium of £697 inclusive of IPT & our fee.

Q: How do I get a self-build insurance quote?

A: Getting a self-build insurance quote can be an intimidating process if you’ve never worked on a project like this before – but don’t worry, this is where we come in. You can get a self-build insurance quote online by clicking here and if you need any further support you can contact our team by clicking here. We always recommend filling in as much project information as possible before contacting us so that we can contact you to discuss your individual requirements.

Q: I have a JCT contract in place. Can you cater for this?

A: Yes, the Premier Plus product meets JCT requirements. We would need further information on which option has been selected as we may need to note the Contractor as a joint insured on the policy.

Q: How does JCT insurance work with a self-build insurance policy?

A: JCT insurance, also known as JCT Clause 21.2.1 or Non-Negligence insurance, can be included as an optional extra alongside your self-build insurance policy. Non-Negligence insurance would protect you for your legal liability resulting from damage to any third-party property caused by collapse, cracking or subsidence as a result of the self-build project being carried out. We would recommend this cover if you are carrying out major ground works and have properties either adjacent to or in close proximity to the building works.

When your contractor recommends JCT insurance it is important to clarify whether they mean Non-Negligence cover or just that they require your insurance policy to be in joint names with the contractor, in order to comply with your JCT contract, as these are two separate things.

We know the terms can be confusing, so just speak to us by clicking here if you require any guidance!

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