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Signing on the dotted line is an exciting step in your renovation plans. But whatever project you’re contracting, from a kitchen extension to a whole new home or just internal renovations, you need to make sure the works are completely protected. That’s where Contract Works insurance comes in.

This type of cover protects the building works as they’re being constructed – covering you and your builder for the cost of redoing or repairing the works. It’s invaluable when it comes to circumstances outside your control, for example if you’re hit by bad weather or vandalism and the work needs to be started again. And with many builders insured for their Public Liability only, Contract Works insurance gives much needed peace of mind and financial security to any project.

What Contract Works insurance covers

The cost of your project

Our cover protects the full costs of your project, including all materials, fixtures, fittings and VAT, alongside a range of optional extras and the existing structure, if needed.


We can cover all the materials you use within the planned contract works. This can even include materials left out in the open, although we recommend that all materials are locked away or hidden from view when possible.

Fixtures and fittings

Our insurance protects your fixtures and fittings, such as bathrooms and kitchens, as soon as they’re delivered to the site. This is important in case they’re damaged or stolen, as most standard insurance only covers these once they’re fitted and functional.

JCT contracts

If you’ve signed into a JCT contract which makes you, the property owner or employer, responsible for insuring the structure and the Contract Works, we can help. Our Premier Plus cover is on ‘All Risks’ basis, which means it meets the requirements of a JCT contract.

Works in flats

If you’re planning on refurbishing a flat you own, we can offer Contract Works Only policies. Just make sure you check with the freeholder about any restrictions that might be applied by their buildings insurer.

Why you need Contract Works insurance

Whether you’re carrying out much of the work yourself on your own home, or contracting in different builders at a property development site, the potential costs if anything goes wrong can be high. From something as simple as a bad storm damaging the works, to your building materials being stolen, your project can be hit off course in unexpected ways. And without the right cover, you or your builder might not be able to afford the repair works.

That’s why our Contract Works cover is so important. From accidental damage to on-site equipment to the risk of fire or flood, your insurance policy will make sure the works are protected. If you need to, we can always extend the policy to cover the rest of your home too, for example if you’re extending or converting part of an existing property.

What we need to know to get you covered

Every project is unique, so before we can offer you a quote, we need the following details to help us find the right cover for you:

  • Your project start date
  • A description of the works
  • How long the works are expected to take
  • The overall costs
  • Details regarding the existing structure, including the rebuild cost


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Q: Should my Contract Works run over, can I extend?

A: Yes, we can extend your policy month by month, calculated on a pro-rata basis. Don’t worry, we understand that plans don’t always run to schedule, so we’ll be in touch before your policy expires to see if you need an extension.

Q: What would happen if my Contract Works increased mid-term?

A: You need to let us know of any increases in the Contract Works and we’ll date back the extra premium to the initial start date, to make sure your project has the full cover from start to finish.

Q: My builder is covering the works. Can you still cover my home?

A: Yes, we can still cover the main home. If your contractor has enough Contract Works insurance (i.e. their project value matches or exceeds your project value) then we can restrict the cover on the Contract Works to a contingency basis only. This would result in the builder being the first point of contact for any claims relating to the works and means your premium goes down. Just get in touch with us if you have any questions.

Our 3 levels of cover

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