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Whether you are doing the works yourself or hiring a builder to do them for you, you need to ensure your planned Contract Works have the correct insurance cover.

Many property owners believe it is the responsibility of the contractor to insure the works, and in some cases yes it can be, but most builders only have cover for their own Public Liability. This would insure them for damage they may cause to your property through their own negligence but not cover the Contract Works.

Renovation Plan insurance would provide cover for the existing structure, if required, and the full cost of the project (which must include all materials, fixtures & fittings and VAT), plus materials and a range of optional extras.

A Renovation Plan insurance policy can also cater for JCT contracts. If you have signed into a JCT contract which stipulates you, as the property owner or employer, are responsible for insuring the structure and the Contract Works, we can help. Our Premier Plus product meets the requirements of JCT contracts as it is on an ‘All Risks’ basis.


We will provide cover for all your materials used within your planned Contract Works. It can even cover contents/materials left out in the open. We recommend that, if possible, all materials are locked away when possible or hidden from view.

Fixtures & Fittings

Many home insurers exclude Contract Works and will not cover any bathrooms/kitchens until fully fitted and functional. The Renovation Plan insurance would provide cover for these fixtures and fittings as soon as they are delivered to site, even whilst waiting to be fitted.

Works in Flats

If you live in a flat and wish to refurbish it, the insurance side of this can seem confusing. If you have planned Contract Works in your own flat, we can offer Contract Works Only policies. We recommend checking with the freeholder what restrictions may be applied by the existing buildings insurer.

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Q: Should my Contract Works run over, can I extend?

A: Yes, the Renovation Plan insurance can be extended on a monthly basis. These would be calculated on a pro-rata basis.

Q: What would happen if my Contract Works increased mid-term?

A: We would need to be notified of any increases in the Contract Works. The additional premium would be dated back to inception to ensure adequate cover for the full project from start to finish.

Q: My builder is covering the works. Can you still cover my home?

A: Yes, we can still cover the main home. If the contractor has adequate Contract Works insurance (his project value matches or exceeds your project value) we can restrict the cover on the Contract Works to a contingency basis only. This would result in the builder being the first point of contact for any claims relating to the works and a reduction in your premium. For more information on this please contact the Renovation Plan team.

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