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Taking the next big step in your renovation plans can be incredibly exciting but there are often bumps in the road. If you’re getting the professionals in, whether for a kitchen refit or building an extension, it’s best to make sure the works are completely protected. That’s where building works insurance comes in.

At Renovation Plan, we specialise in insurance for building works, so you and your contractors can focus solely on delivering the best possible finish.

What is building works insurance?

Building works insurance, also referred to as contract works insurance, is a type of cover for homeowners designed to protect ongoing renovations on their property. Policies usually cover you and your builder for the cost of redoing or repairing works, especially following events outside your control.

For example, if your project is impacted by bad weather or vandalism and the work needs to be started again, having this form of house insurance during building work can help you rebuild from the ground up.

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Why do you need insurance for building work?

As with any professional or DIY renovation, the potential costs of anything major going wrong can be high – even project-ending. From something as simple as a bad storm damaging your works to construction materials being stolen, building in the ability to rebound from setbacks is a crucial part of preparation for property renovation.

Without the right house build insurance, you or your contractor may not be able to afford the repair works, particularly since many tradespeople are only covered for public liability. That’s where our insurance for building works gives homeowners like you some much-needed peace of mind and financial security for any project.

What does building works insurance cover?

The cost of your project

Our insurance for building work protects the full costs of your project, including all materials, fixtures, fittings and VAT, alongside a range of optional extras and the existing structure, if needed.

We can always extend a home construction insurance policy to cover the rest of your home if required. For example, if you’re extending or converting part of an existing property, there are risks associated with these structures which are best covered as well.


We can cover all the materials you’re using for the planned contract works. This can even include materials left out in the open, although we recommend that all materials be stored away and hidden from view wherever possible.

Fixtures and fittings

Our building site insurance protects your fixtures and fittings as soon as they’re delivered. As such, new uninstalled bathrooms, kitchens and more have protection if they’re damaged or stolen, unlike most policies from other providers which only cover these once they’re fitted and functional.

JCT contracts

If you’ve signed into a JCT contract which makes you, the property owner or employer responsible for insuring the structure and the contract works, we’re here to help. Our Premier Plus cover is on an ‘All Risks’ basis, which means it meets the requirements of a JCT contract.

Our three levels of contract works insurance cover

We offer different levels of cover so you can find the ideal insurance for your building work. This may depend on the type of project you’re taking on, your budget or the contractors you’re working with.

What do you need to get contract works insurance?

Every project is unique, as is every contract works insurance quote. Before we can offer you one, we’ll need the following details to help us find the right cover for you:

  • Your project start date
  • A description of the works due to be completed
  • How long the works are expected to take
  • The overall costs of the project
  • Details regarding the existing structure (including a potential rebuild cost)

Why choose Renovation Plan for your building works insurance?

We’re not just an insurance company; we’re here to be your partner throughout your property renovations from start to finish. Whether you need house build insurance or another form of cover, we’ll help you lay solid foundations for your upcoming project.

Here’s why you can count on us:

  • We’ve got almost two decades of experience to draw from, so you can be sure you’re in safe hands with our contract works insurance for homeowners.
  • We’re more than happy to work with homeowners, property developers and brokers to find the best insurance for your building work.
  • If your project runs over, we can extend your policy to keep you covered without any hassle – and, if you finish early, we may be able to refund you for the time left.
  • With three levels of cover, as well as long and short-term options, we’ve got everything needed to create the perfect building works insurance policy for you.
  • Our previous customers have a lot of great things to say about us and our service; just take a look for yourself on our Feefo
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Building Works Insurance FAQs

Do I need insurance for building work?

You don’t need contract works insurance by law but it’s certainly worthwhile to protect you if you’re a homeowner or property developer with money invested in ongoing renovations. Should anything unexpected happen, such as a fire or theft of your materials, you would likely be left high and dry without suitable building works insurance cover in place.

Should my contract works run over, can I extend?

Yes, we can extend your contract works insurance policy month by month, calculated on a pro-rata basis. Don’t worry; we understand that plans don’t always run to schedule, so we’ll be in touch before your policy expires to see if you need an extension.

What would happen if my contract works increased mid-term?

You need to let us know of any increases in the contract works and we’ll date back the extra premium to the initial start date, to make sure your project has the full cover from start to finish.

My builder is covering the works. Can you still cover my home?

Yes, we can still cover the main home. If your contractor has enough contract works insurance (i.e. their project value matches or exceeds your project value) then we can restrict the cover on the contract works to a contingency basis only. This would result in the builder being the first point of contact for any claims relating to the works and your premium going down. Just get in touch with us if you have any questions.

Does insurance for building works cover flats?

If you’re planning on refurbishing a flat you own, we can offer contract works-only policies. Just make sure you check with the freeholder about any restrictions that might be applied by their building insurer.

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