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Restoring a property gives a new lease of life to an old building, while creating an individual home that’s full of character too. There’s a fine line between restoration and conversion projects, but the focus of a restoration project is to work with the original features to restore it as closely as possible to how it was originally.

The types of properties you can restore include listed or derelict buildings and, as a rule, there are two main types of restoration.

The first is when you restore an existing structure to a home, for example changing an old building like a chapel or a pub into a home while keeping as many original features as you can.

The second is when you restore an old home that’s fallen into disrepair back into its original state – and we can cover you for both.

What restorations do we cover?

From restoring ruined old houses to derelict churches, whatever your project we can cover it. We know that every restoration comes with its own challenges so we offer three levels of cover depending on your needs, ranging from limited perils for small projects to all risks covered for large-scale restorations.

Internal restoration

If you’re restoring the inside of a property, we’ll cover your fixtures and fittings as soon as they arrive. This means, unlike standard insurance, they’ll still be protected before they’re fitted and functioning.

Major restoration

If you’re taking on the restoration of a whole building, you’ll be in for a lot of work. Whether you’re restoring it to live in, sell or rent out, you’ll need to keep yourself covered from the start to the end of the policy – and our restoration insurance can do just that.

Completing your own restoration

If you’re planning on doing the restoration work yourself, then you’ll need cover for accidental damage too. Our Premier Plus policy offers this, ensuring you’re covered as you do the works. The only thing we ask is that you use a specialist contractor for any major groundworks, such as piling or underpinning.

Why do you need restoration insurance?

There are many beautiful and unique buildings that have simply fallen into disrepair, and a restoration project offers the potential to revive a property with real character. But when you’re trying to work within an existing structure, including restoring or recreating period features, this can be both challenging and expensive.

Many derelict buildings may have hidden structural issues that could pose risks to personal safety, while you might also have to track down specific building materials that would cost you a lot if stolen.

We understand these challenges. From stolen materials to people injured onsite, restoration insurance will help keep you covered through your whole project – giving you a level of protection that standard buildings insurance won’t. It also covers unforeseen risks, such as flooding or fire, so, if something does happen to derail your project, you can get back to work quickly and easily.

Your choice of cover level

We offer three levels of cover to suit your needs:

  • Standard – offering essential protection against limited risks
  • Premier – providing a wider range of cover, suitable for small to medium-sized projects
  • Premier Plus – covering ‘All Risks’ and best for larger, more complex renovation projects

Click here to see how each level of cover compares. 

What we need to know to get you covered

Every project is unique, so before we can offer you a quote, we need the following details to help us find the right cover for you:

  • Your project start date
  • A description of the works
  • How long the works are expected to take
  • The overall costs
  • Details regarding the existing structure, including the rebuild cost


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Q: Isn’t my builder insuring my works?

A: Not necessarily, the contractor may have a tradesmen insurance which provides cover for a set project value. This would cover any new works they do at your property but may not be covering your existing structure as they have no financial interest in your property.

Q: I’m only installing a new bathroom, kitchen, or utility area in my property, so will my household insurance continue cover?

A: Your home insurer may continue cover during the period of internal works, however they will probably apply a ‘Works Exclusion’ clause which could result in a claim not being paid should the damage result from the works. Also, the fixtures & fittings will not be covered on your home insurance until installed.

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