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Many property owners choose to restore an existing building rather than start a new build. This could be a barn conversion, church conversion, restoration of an existing outbuilding or even turning a commercial building into a residential property.

If you are choosing to undertake a project like this the insurance may be seem daunting. Many standard building insurers will not cover an unoccupied property undergoing extensive works.

The Renovation Plan insurance can cover properties undergoing a simple internal restoration up to a complete property conversion.

We offer varying levels of cover which can cater for different types of project. Our lower levels of cover are more suitable for smaller projects, where you may prefer to go for a perils-based cover. Our higher level of cover (Premier Plus) can cater for larger projects including JCT contracts should you decide to sign a formal contract with your main builder.

Please click here for further information on the covers provided and what cover may be most suitable for your project.

Internal restoration

Many insurance companies may continue cover during the period of internal restoration, however they will not insure the new fixture and fittings (i.e. bathrooms or kitchens) until they are fully fitted and functional. This could leave you and your property exposed should you suffer from an incident.

Major restoration 

You may be restoring a barn or a building that requires a huge amount of work. This could be for a holiday let, to sell or to be your main residence. Many standard insurance policies will not be equipped to insure this type of project.

Completing your own restoration 

If you are starting your own restoration or self-build, the dos and don’ts may be daunting. We can provide accidental damage insurance on our Premier Plus level of cover, which will cover you as the property owner completing the restoration work yourself. We ask that major works such as piling, underpinning & basements are completed by a specialist contractor.

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Q: Isn’t my builder insuring my works?

A: Not necessarily, the contractor may have a tradesmen insurance which provides cover for a set project value. This would cover any new works they do at your property but may not be covering your existing structure as they have no financial interest in your property.

Q: I’m only installing a new bathroom, kitchen, or utility area in my property, so will my household insurance continue cover?

A: Your home insurer may continue cover during the period of internal works, however they will probably apply a ‘Works Exclusion’ clause which could result in a claim not being paid should the damage result from the works. Also, the fixtures & fittings will not be covered on your home insurance until installed.

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