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With ongoing demand for houses, new build projects are increasingly common – from property developers planning whole estates, to individuals choosing to build a home rather than buy one.

When you plan a new build project, you can look forward to a property built to modern standards, in a location that suits you, and often to your own design. And for these reasons, it’s vital you have the right new build insurance cover.

We understand both the financial and personal investment that goes into a new-build project, so our new build insurance cover keeps you covered from risks such as flood, fire or theft of materials. Unlike home insurance – which covers you once you’re living in the home and the works are signed off – our new build insurance covers you from the start and throughout the construction phase.

From when you first buy your plot to when it’s ready for moving in, you’re secure when you choose insurance with us.

What is new build insurance?

New build insurance is designed to cover your home throughout the construction phase. Although you’ll purchase home insurance when you move in and may have a  structural warranty from the contractors, if you experience damage such as flooding during the build, you won’t be covered.

New build insurance cover keeps you protected throughout the process – from plot to  completion.

What does new build insurance cover?

We know how complex new build projects can be, so our policy is on an ‘All Risks’ basis. We cover contract works, your materials on-site, and the Public Liability for injury and third-party damage. You can also add on extra cover, such as Tools/Own Plant, Hired in Plant and Non-Negligence.

Living on-site

It’s quite normal for people to live on-site throughout the build, especially if you’re constructing your own home. We can extend your new build insurance cover to protect any caravans or site huts, as well as personal contents.

Alternative building materials

Not every new build is made of brick and tile. These days, alternative materials such as timber frames, zinc roofs and SIPS panels are increasingly popular, so we’ll cover you for these too.

Why you need new build insurance cover

Whether you develop properties to sell or you’re building your own home to get on the property ladder, building your home from scratch is highly rewarding. But there are bound to be challenges along the way. From the moment you purchase your plot, you’re liable if something goes wrong – so getting the right kind of new build insurance cover from a specialist new build insurance company is crucial.

It’s important to understand that even when your architect or contractors have their own cover, this won’t necessarily protect you. From someone injuring themselves on your site, to theft of in-demand materials, to the risk of fire and flood, you could face expensive problems without the support of a good insurance partner. That’s why we provide specialist new build insurance cover that comes to the rescue if anything goes wrong.

What level of insurance do I need when building a new house? 

We offer three levels of cover depending on your needs. As new build projects are complex, it’s most likely you’ll need our Premier Plus cover to get the right level of protection, but we can guide you if you’re unsure.

Our key cover levels are:

  • Standard – offering essential protection against limited risks
  • Premier – providing a wider range of cover, suitable for small to medium-sized projects
  • Premier Plus – covering ‘All Risks’ and best for larger, more complex renovation projects.

See how each level of cover compares.

What we need to know to get you covered

Every project is unique, so before we can offer you a quote, we need the following details to help us find the right cover for you:

  • Your project start date
  • A description of the works
  • How long the works are expected to take
  • The overall costs
  • Details regarding the existing structure, including the rebuild cost

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Q: Why do I need insurance for my new build project?

A: Many people don’t realise the need for insurance until the property has been built. However, there are a few things to consider when carrying out a new build project –  such as claims for theft of materials or tools and equipment. These can all become costly if there is no insurance in place. Also, if you have taken out a mortgage to fund your project, your lender may make it a requirement to have adequate cover in place prior to lending the funds.

Q: Isn’t my builder covering the works?

A: The contractor you appoint should have some level of new build insurance cover, however they may only have cover for Public Liability. This will only provide cover if they cause damage to your property or neighbouring property because of the contract works. It will not provide cover for the actual works. Their insurance is not likely to provide cover for any tools or materials you have purchased either.

Also, if you are using a number of different contractors, it would be hard to prove who was at fault in the event of a claim in order to claim off their Public Liability insurance.

Q: Do I need building insurance for a new build flat?

A: Yes, you do! Much like buying a new build house, you will need new build insurance cover for claims in the event of theft of materials, tools and equipment.

When you reserve a new build flat, most mortgage lenders will require you to take out new build insurance cover before they lend you the funds. So, it’s better to get the right cover in place sooner rather than later!

Q: Can I get new build insurance before completion?

A: Yes, you can – and you should! If you leave getting new build insurance cover until after completion, there will be no insurance to protect you from unforeseen circumstances such as a fire. This is because the vendor’s insurance won’t cover you if your new house is burnt to the ground between you exchanging contracts and completion!

And it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

What are our levels of new build insurance cover?

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