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There are two main types of property conversions – and both can really transform a building. Firstly, you can convert an existing property into a residential home, in what’s known as a change of overall use. This applies when you convert a building like a barn, mill or pub into a place for people to live, such as a house or flats – and these tend to be larger-scale, more complex operations.

Secondly, you can convert part of an existing home, such as the loft, garage or basement, into extra living space. At Renovation Plan, we cover all types of projects, from light and bright attic conversions to characterful barn conversions.

What conversions do we cover?

We’ll cover nearly every conversion project you’ve got in mind, but we’ve listed the most common types here. If your project is different to any listed, then we’ll still be able to help– just get in touch.

Loft conversions

One of the most popular home improvement projects for the extra space and value it adds to a property, loft conversions can generally be carried out without planning permission. We cover the existing structure, all new works and any fixtures and fittings once they’re delivered to site.

Converting a property into a HMO

HMO stands for ‘House in Multiple Occupation’ and refers to a property that’s rented out to three or more different people. They’re great investments for landlords so converting a house into an HMO is increasingly popular. We’ll help keep you covered in the process.

Basement conversions

Basements and cellars offer great potential for extra space, from another bedroom to a study or living room. But this work will need specialist cover for any structural changes, such as underpinning or piling, which our conversion insurance gives you. 

Barn conversions

Universally popular on the property market, barn conversions make individual homes that are full of character. We can provide you with insurance to cover you throughout the process, from the first structural changes to installing your fittings and fixtures.

Garage conversion

If your garage isn’t vital for storing your vehicles, then converting this space is an excellent way to create more space within your property without having to extend into your garden space. We can cover the work from start to finish.

Converting commercial properties into homes

As the business landscape changes in the UK, it’s becoming more common for old commercial properties to be converted into residential homes. These projects demand specialist insurance, which you can get through us.

Why do you need conversion insurance?

When you see the potential for a new space within an existing property, it’s exciting – but taking on the project can be demanding too. What many people find out is that converting a structure that’s already in place comes with its own unique set of risks – often with hidden challenges that only come to light during the conversion process, such as structural issues or permissions.

We understand the issues you may face. From unexpected supply problems to people injured onsite, conversion insurance will help keep you covered through your whole project, giving you a level of protection that standard buildings insurance won’t. It also covers unforeseen risks, such as flooding or fire, so if something does happen to derail your project, you can get back to work quickly and easily without being left out of pocket.

Your choice of cover level

We offer three levels of cover to suit your needs:

  • Standard – offering essential protection against limited risks
  • Premier – providing a wider range of cover, suitable for small to medium-sized projects
  • Premier Plus – covering ‘All Risks’ and best for larger, more complex renovation projects.

Click here to see how each level of cover compares. 

What we need to know to get you covered

Every project is unique, so before we can offer you a quote, we need the following details to help us find the right cover for you:

  • Your project start date
  • A description of the works
  • How long the works are expected to take
  • The overall costs
  • Details regarding the existing structure, including the rebuild cost


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Q: I am planning to convert my property from commercial use to residential. Is this ok?

A: Yes, this is absolutely fine – our policies cover more than just homes. We cater for all sorts of commercial properties, including churches, barns, schools, industrial units and more. Just so you know, it’s a condition of our policy that any commercial property must have either change of use or planning permission in place for the proposed works. In fact, if you start renovating without it, you’ll be in planning breach – which could cause you both legal and financial problems.

Q: My property is listed - can I still convert it?

A: Yes, you can – for example, many barns and churches are listed. In this scenario, you may find that you’ll need listed building consent as well as planning permission. Similarly, if the property is in a conservation area you may be restricted as to what changes you can make, for example, you will probably find you can’t make significant changes to the outside of the property to preserve its existing characteristics.

Q: What’s the difference between renovations and conversions?

A: In terms of insurance, renovation is when an existing property is being refurbished but the property type will remain the same afterwards. A conversion is when you are changing the use of the property, for example converting an old school into a home. Our policy can cater for both renovations and conversions.

Our 3 levels of cover

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