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Property conversion can be a very exciting experience. Whether this be a simple loft conversion or a large barn conversion, our policy will be able to cater for this.

There are a number of things to take into consideration when carrying out renovation and conversion works such as planning permission, costs, duration etc. But what about your insurance?

Any project takes a lot of time and effort, therefore it is very important to make sure your property has the adequate insurance cover in place. If you fail to inform your existing home insurer about the proposed works, you could invalidate your cover.

Whether you are renovating or converting your property, our insurance policy will provide cover for the existing structure and all the new works that are involved in the process. Our policy can also provide cover for a number of optional extras such as cover for your ‘Hand Tools, Hired in Plant and Non-Negligence Cover’.

Loft conversions

A loft conversion is considered one of the most popular home improvement projects across the UK. A recent report by Nationwide Building Society suggested that a loft conversion providing an extra double bedroom and bathroom could add up to 20% to the value of a three-bed, one-bathroom home. (Source:

Converting a property into a HMO

HMO stands for ‘House of Multiple Occupation’ and is a term that is used to define accommodation that is owned by a private landlord and shared among a number of people. More and more people are converting properties into HMOs as they can be great investments for landlords. However, there are usually more planning requirements involved.

Converting a property from commercial use to residential

Converting a commercial property for residential usage is becoming increasingly common. In 2016 to 2017 the number of these conversions increased by 40% within the UK. (Source: Usually planning permission is required, however there are times when you may only need ‘Change of Use’ if the conversion is within the same class. You will also need to make amendments to your insurance.

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Q: I am planning to convert my property from commercial use to residential. Is this ok?

A: Yes! Our Renovation Policy doesn’t just cater for residential properties. We are able to cater for a number of commercial properties such as Churches, Barns, Schools, Industrial units etc. It is a condition of our policy that any commercial property must have either change of use or planning permission in place for the proposed works. If you decide to start renovating without it, you’ll be in planning breach which could cause future legal and/or financial problems.

Q: What if my property is Listed? Can I still convert it?

A: Yes! Many barns and churches are listed. You may find that, as well as obtaining planning permission, you will also need listed building consent. If the property is in a conservation area there may be restrictions on the changes that can be made. You will often find that you aren’t able to make significant alterations to the exterior of the property meaning that you will be able to retain the building’s existing characteristics and individual features.

Q: What is the difference between renovations and conversions?

A: We would class a renovation as when an existing property is being refurbished but the property type will remain the same upon completion of the works. Whereas a conversion is when you are changing the use of the property i.e. converting a former school into a residential dwelling. Our policy can cater for both of these.

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