Application for facilities

This form is to be completed by a Director, Partner or Sole Trader, and is confirmation that you would like to apply for an agency with Renovation Plan.

No introductions can be accepted until Aston Lark Limited has completed the appropriate checks.

Your Company

For sole traders, please also provide a copy of your driving licence to verify your address.

Contact Information

If you would like any other trading names to be included in the agency or you have more than 1 office that will require access to Renovation Plan, please provide the name, address, and details of who is responsible for all regulatory and compliance requirements for each office in the Supplementary Information section below. Please note that in order to ensure we comply with Contract Certainty, any correspondence will be sent to the address shown on each individual agency allocated.

FCA Registration

Introducing Activities

Fit and Proper Declaration

If you answer YES to any question below, please provide details in the Supplementary Information box or on a separate sheet.

1. Have you, or any director or principal of your firm, or the firm itself:-
a) ever been in the last five years, convicted of any offence involving Fraud, Theft, False Accounting or other dishonesty, or any offence relating to companies?
b) ever been the subject of any current criminal proceedings or investigations?
2. Have you, or any director or principal of your firm, any convictions for any offences other than those listed above which are not spent, whether or not in the United Kingdom (excluding traffic offences unless these resulted in a ban or involved driving without insurance)?
3. Have you, or any director or principal of your firm, or the firm itself:-
a) ever been the subject of any civil proceedings, arbitration or litigation, including proceedings that may lead to a County Court Judgement (CCJ) or other judgement debts, in the United Kingdom or elsewhere?
b) aware of any intention to begin such proceedings against you, or any director or principal of your firm, or the firm itself, in the future?
c) have any judgement debts (including CCJs) made under a court order still outstanding, whether in full or in part?
d) ever been the subject of any bankruptcy proceedings or action for the sequestration of the individual's estate?
4. Have you or any director or principal of your firm, or the firm itself ever been found guilty of conducting any unauthorised regulated activities or been investigated for possible conduct of unauthorised regulated activities?
5. Have you, or any director or principal of your firm, or the firm itself ever been, the subject of an investigation into allegations of misconduct or malpractice in connection with any business activity?
6. Have you or any director or principal of your firm, or the firm itself ever, either in the United Kingdom or elsewhere:-
a) been refused entry to, or been dismissed, suspended or requested to resign from, any profession, vocation, office or employment or from any fiduciary office or position of trust, whether or not remunerated?
b) been refused, restricted in, or had suspended the right to carry on any trade, business or profession for which a specific licence, authorisation, registration, membership or other permission is required?
c) been disqualified by a court from acting as a director of a company or from acting in a management capacity of conducting the affairs of any company, partnership or unincorporated association?
d) been the subject of a disqualification direction under section 59 of the Financial services ACT 1986 or a prohibition order, under sections 56 of the Financial Services Act 2012, or received a warning notice to make such a direction or order?
7. Have you or your company ever had an agency cancelled or declined?
8. Have you, or any director or principal of your firm, or the firm itself ever, either in the United Kingdom or elsewhere:-
a) ever been put into liquidation, wound up, ceased trading, had a receiver or administrator appointed or entered into any voluntary arrangements with its creditors?
b) been declared by a court liable for any fraud, misfeasance, wrongful trading or other misconduct?
c) Been convicted of any criminal offence, censured, disciplined or publicly criticised by an inquiry of any government, statutory or other regulatory authority?


I confirm that the information given in this form is accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief. I am aware that to give false or misleading information it may result in my Agent status being removed and it is an offence to do so under the Financial Services Act 2012. By signing this agreement I give my permission for appropriate background checks (Inc. a credit check) to be carried out by Aston Scott Ltd.

I understand that any offer of facilities is subject to periodic review.

I would like to say that the level of service was excellent. You called back as promised, dealt with enquiries and answered my queries in an efficient and timely manner. It is, unfortunately, uncommon these days to receive good service and it made a pleasant change to deal with you and your company.

Mr Burgess

Thank you for the cover for the past year. It has given great peace of mind and I will definitely use you again for any future projects.

Julia H.

Thank you very much for all your help, you have a great policy which offers much better cover and is cheaper than your competitors! I am very impressed with how quickly you turned this around for me. I shall be recommending you to everyone!

Penny M.

Many thanks for your quick reply. I'll be in touch in due course to discuss increasing the level of cover as the project progresses. It is reassuring to work with such professional brokers. Many thanks again.

Allan Jones

Your assistance and excellent customer service should be rewarded and I would not hesitate to recommend your company to others.

Heather Godfrey
Insurance Agent

You've been an excellent company to deal with. I was despairing of getting any renovation insurance through the usual channels until saw you recommended on the website and it's been very straightforward ever since! Best wishes

Lynne Pearce

Many thanks for your help and prompt attention today. I am impressed with the understanding you and your company has of the requirements and as soon as we have a date for exchange of contracts I will be getting in touch with you again.
Based upon our limited interaction (and in particular your help and prompt response) I will have no hesitation in recommending your company to others.

Richard Silk
W. Sussex

Many thanks, as always, for your help. Your customer service is outstanding!

Amelia Prosser

Once again, thank you for your help and for explaining - this is very reassuring. I am very glad that I have chosen Renovation Plan to insure me on this occasion. And because of how courteous and helpful you have been, I shall ensure that all future projects are insured with yourselves.

Paul Chappell