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With house prices rising, plus the cost of moving, many people are choosing to renovate or extend their property rather than move.

It isn’t just house extensions either – the UK has seen a massive 183% rise in the number of homeowners applying to build basements. And research suggests that a loft conversion could add £15,189, while an extra bathroom could add £13,050*.  A common misconception is that your home insurance will cover you while you undertake your project. Whether you are choosing to add an extension to your property or renovate what’s there – it is essential that you inform your existing insurance provider as they may not be able to continue cover for the works.

Our specialist Renovation Policy will provide cover for the existing structure, contract works, public liabilities and any unfixed materials. You also have the option to include cover for a number of add-ons such as Tools, Hired in Plant, Employer’s Liability, Non-Negligence Cover etc.

Flexible policy durations

Our Renovation Policy is a short-term insurance policy designed to cover the property whilst it is undergoing building works. Our policy durations range from 3-36 months and can be tailored to meet the needs and requirements of your house extension.

Optional add-ons

There are a number of optional add-ons available such as cover for Basic Contents, Tools, Hired in Plant, Caravans/Site Huts, Employers Liability and Non-Negligence.

Many people do not realise their home insurance policy is invalidated by structural work, or they think they have cover without reading the exclusions in relation to works at their property. Renovation Plan will provide cover for your property when your home insurers can’t.



Q: Do I need to tell my current insurance provider about my house extension?

A: Yes, you must inform your insurer prior to undergoing any type of renovation works as your policy could be invalidated if they are not made aware of any changes. Any type of building works will increase the risk you pose to an insurance provider, especially if you’re having walls and windows removed, as this could mean that your house is less secure than usual. Having builders and other contractors come and go also makes you a greater security risk.

Q: Isn’t my builder covering the works?

A: It is a condition of our policy that any contractor you appoint must have at least £2m Public Liability cover in place. Many people believe that this is enough to cover their works, however this will only provide cover to your or a neighbouring property if damage occurs through negligence.

Q: I will have materials on site. Are these covered?

A: Yes, our policy automatically provides cover for any unfixed materials i.e. kitchens, bathrooms etc that have been delivered but aren’t yet fitted. These must be included within the contract works value.

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