31 December 2020

Time flies when you're hammering: Extending your renovation insurance

By Renovation Plan

It’s an unfortunate truth that many renovation projects over run, and with that comes the risk of not having any renovation insurance in place. This can be due to a variety of reasons; unpredictable British weather causing you to pause in the middle of July, problems with the supply chain for materials, or perhaps you’ve been unlucky with your builders or perhaps Christmas just got in the way. In 2020 we had another reason to interrupt our projects: Covid-19.

Last year the pandemic hit and for many that meant tools down and sites abandoned by builders. Some were left living in half finished building sites, others had barely begun and then there were those who were close to the finish line. There was confusion over what building works could happen, and as the year went on we were in and out of lockdown with various rules. All of this meant that finishing a renovation project seemed impossible until the welcome news that builders and contractors could continue to carry out projects. But what did this mean for renovators and their renovation insurance?

How does renovation insurance help when a project is paused?

Every renovation insurance policy will have conditions which will need to be met in order to still be valid when a project is paused. When taking out your renovation insurance with us we will always make you aware of these and how it will work. As we offer three levels of cover there are different conditions for each so it’s best to speak to us about your project and needs to understand how each level will work if your project is paused.

How much will it cost to extend your renovation insurance policy?

If you need an extension to your renovation insurance your original premium will be prorated*

*subject to no claims and no changes in the risk information

How to extend your renovation insurance policy

If you have a renovation insurance policy with us, our team will make contact with you before your scheduled project end date to check in on your progress. Extending your policy is simple and quick and if you think that you need to do this before we call you then please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

T: 01621 784 840

E: info@renovationplan.co.uk

Want to find out more about our renovation insurance cover?

You can find further useful information about renovation insurance on our product page. You can also get in touch with a member of our team or submit an enquiry on this page.