16 September 2019

Planning a refurb? Read this first.

By Renovation Plan

Your house is not just a house, it’s your home. You need to ensure it is protected. And when you don’t insure it properly, there can be devastating consequences.

Take this story as an example. A family living in London were in the throes of a large renovation project. They were building a double storey rear extension, and a loft conversion to provide another three bedrooms for their family.

Halfway through the works, a fire broke out, resulting in a total loss.

When Mrs Jones called her home insurer to report the unfortunate event and submit a claim, her insurer advised her that the policy was deemed to be invalid due to the cost of works being carried out.

The claim was declined, leaving the family out of pocket.

Many people, like the Joneses, don’t realise that their renovation or conversion project is not covered by their home insurance. While some very minor projects will still be covered, most will not be – many home insurance policies apply a ‘Building Works Clause’ which excludes any damage arising in connection with the works. This restriction puts you at risk.

It is possible for your builder to cover the contract works if they have the correct insurance in place, however, many only have Public Liability insurance. This would not be adequate as it would only provide cover in the event that the builder is found to be negligent.

Renovation Plan can provides cover when your insurer won’t. The scheme provides cover for the existing structure and the ongoing contract works, including your unfixed fixtures and fittings that have been delivered to site. We have a number of different policies available to suit your requirements ranging from very basic cover to an ‘All Risks’ policy.

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