9 September 2022

How loft conversion insurance could save your project

By Renovation Plan

A loft conversion is one of the best ways to expand your home – it maximises your existing space so you can create more living room without losing any garden, and it adds an extra layer of insulation to help the energy efficiency of your home. It’s also one of the more cost-effective forms of renovation due to the overall structure already being in place, with loft conversions commonly costing less per square metre than adding an extension.

All of this combines to make a loft conversion a great way to add value to your home. But it can also be one of the most expensive projects to get wrong. From a foot through the rafters to a compromised roof, the costs to rectify damage can run into the tens of thousands of pounds. So let’s take a look at some of the hiccups that sometimes happen on loft conversions and we’ll explain how conversion insurance could be the safety net that saves your project.

The common mishaps

Converting an attic is a complex process with structural implications on your home. While recent research showed 5% of UK homeowners have attempted a DIY loft conversion, for the most part this is a project that should only be undertaken by professionals. But even then, sometimes things can go wrong, including:

Material shortages

If your builder falls before the flooring is properly constructed, they could break through the ceiling – causing both damage to your home and potentially injuring themselves badly.

Structural damage is also possible if your builder doesn’t carry out rigorous planning and proper maintenance during the project. A recent case in Manchester saw a construction company fined after the loft conversion collapsed. Luckily, nobody was hurt and this is an extreme example – but it does show there’s always a risk when making major changes to your home.

Escape of water

An inadvertent leak can very quickly wreak havoc. If part of your attic conversion includes plumbing, for example if you’re fitting a bathroom or ensuite, then there’s always the potential for an accidental escape of water.

Bad leaks can damage parts of your existing home like ceilings and plasterwork, but they could also cause more serious issues. For example water leaking into the electrics can be highly dangerous – and expensive to fix.

Party wall problems

If you live in a semi-detached or terraced house, your loft conversion may have an impact on your neighbours. This is because steel bars are needed to maintain the structure of your home, and these will make contact with the neighbouring walls.

If this process isn’t carried out correctly, there’s the chance of damage to your neighbour’s property, such as cracks to the walls or structural issues. And if it’s not clear whose fault it was, it could fall to you to have to pay for repairs.

How to protect yourself

No one wants their loft conversion to go wrong, but sometimes accidents happen. If you don’t have any protection in place, you could find yourself looking at spending much more money to repair the damage, as well as potential delays if you don’t have the extra funds available, and even the cost and complication of a legal case, if your builder or neighbour seeks damages.

That’s where loft conversion insurance will step in and save your project. This is a type of policy that’s designed to protect you from the common mishaps that could happen in the course of your loft conversion – giving you the peace of mind to transform your home, safe in the knowledge you’re covered if anything goes wrong.

How does it work?

At Renovation Plan, we offer three levels of cover to suit your needs – starting with the basic policy which gives you the essential cover and then the more advanced policies which have options to enhance your cover for any special requirements.

If any mishaps occur on your project, just give us a call and our team will help you with your claim and guide you through the process of getting your project back on track. Depending on what’s happened, your insurance provider will either send you the specialists needed to fix the problem or, you may be able to get your contractor to amend the problem and claim back the expenses.  Either way, you’ll have the support of our experienced brokers throughout the process, so you’ll never be alone!

We love supporting homeowners as they transform their properties for the better. So make sure your loft conversion goes as smoothly as it can. Call us today for a quote.


Want to find out more about conversion insurance?

You can find further useful information on our conversion insurance page. If you’re not ready to get a quote yet and would prefer to speak to someone, you can find the details by clicking here. We can’t wait to find out all about your project!