Getting the Right Restoration Insurance

A restoration project is likely to be one of the most rewarding, exciting, stressful but enjoyable times for anyone taking on the challenge.  The work can take various forms; a restoration of a tumble down cottage or the restoration of a listed building is a brave project to undertake but ultimately very rewarding and you need to make sure you get the right restoration insurance.

There is no doubt, once completed the restorer will look at what they have achieved with real pride together with memories of late nights painting skirting boards, dealing with many contractors and making countless decisions.

With all this going on the last thing you need to worry about is not having your building and site adequately or correctly insured. Renovation Plan restoration insurance is a unique product designed to meet the needs of the restorer. It can it cover Restorations and Conversions of Private Dwellings but it will also cover Commercial Buildings. For example, you may need to cover a former warehouse you are converting to flats or maybe shops.  Perhaps you have an old village hall in need of restoration and extension to become your home. Our Renovation Plan restoration insurance policy really can cater for virtually every scenario.

When designing the policy we realised we needed to cater for different projects and different budgets.  For this reason you can choose between three levels of cover.

  • Standard cover provides the basic ‘FLEA’ cover (Fire, Lightning, Explosion and Aircraft (we also include Earthquake)).  FLEA cover is usually provided by Insurers when a property is unoccupied.
  • Premier cover extends to include the other perils of Storm, Flood, Burst Pipe, Impact Damage, Theft, Riot, Squatters and Malicious Damage.
  • Premier Plus Covers you on an All Risk Basis including Accidental Damage and Subsidence.

With Restoration Plan there is no need for you to occupy the site to get these extra covers.

So we have detailed above the events we are covering but what are we actually insuring? Firstly the existing building whether it is bricks and mortar or maybe stone and slate, then there are the new materials and fixture and fittings that you are bringing in, these are usually described as the ‘new works’. Whether  they are fixed or unfixed they need to be insured!  Examples of items to insure are the new kitchen and associated electrical appliances, the boiler and the pipes (metals are very attractive to thieves) or the new flooring.  We appreciate that the house itself won’t get stolen it’s these items not yet fitted that are vulnerable so we include them as standard under the Buildings Insurance section of the policy.

Every policy automatically includes Public Liability Insurance for the site and for you as the property owner. There are also options to include Hired in Plant and Employers Liability cover where you are hiring your own direct labour rather than using Contractors.  We offer these as options so that we can keep premiums as low as possible and only charge extra when required.

We welcome your call and our expert staff are always happy to help talk through your restoration project. Alternatively you can buy instantly online through this website.

We very much hope that we are able to assist in arranging restoration insurance for your Project as easy and stress free as possible even if the work itself won’t always be!


You've been an excellent company to deal with. I was despairing of getting any renovation insurance through the usual channels until saw you recommended on the website and it's been very straightforward ever since! Best wishes

Lynne Pearce

Your assistance and excellent customer service should be rewarded and I would not hesitate to recommend your company to others.

Heather Godfrey
Insurance Agent

I would like to say that the level of service was excellent. You called back as promised, dealt with enquiries and answered my queries in an efficient and timely manner. It is, unfortunately, uncommon these days to receive good service and it made a pleasant change to deal with you and your company.

Mr Burgess

Thank you very much for all your help, you have a great policy which offers much better cover and is cheaper than your competitors! I am very impressed with how quickly you turned this around for me. I shall be recommending you to everyone!

Penny M.

Thank you for the cover for the past year. It has given great peace of mind and I will definitely use you again for any future projects.

Julia H.

Once again, thank you for your help and for explaining - this is very reassuring. I am very glad that I have chosen Renovation Plan to insure me on this occasion. And because of how courteous and helpful you have been, I shall ensure that all future projects are insured with yourselves.

Paul Chappell

Many thanks, as always, for your help. Your customer service is outstanding!

Amelia Prosser

Many thanks for your quick reply. I'll be in touch in due course to discuss increasing the level of cover as the project progresses. It is reassuring to work with such professional brokers. Many thanks again.

Allan Jones

Many thanks for your help and prompt attention today. I am impressed with the understanding you and your company has of the requirements and as soon as we have a date for exchange of contracts I will be getting in touch with you again.
Based upon our limited interaction (and in particular your help and prompt response) I will have no hesitation in recommending your company to others.

Richard Silk
W. Sussex