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It’s likely that you are working on a project which involves a renovation project for your client.  So, why not take the opportunity to introduce Renovation Plan to them and make sure they have the right insurance, whilst earning additional income for yourself?

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Whether you’re a contractor or an architect, if you work with clients on renovation projects then you are in the perfect position to earn additional income as an introducer.

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How much have other contractors earned as introducers?

Property & project type
Renovation of a mid-terraced London property

Works carried out
Basement & ground floor extension, installing a lift shaft, a 4th floor mansard extension, construction of a plant room at basement level, new garage plus full internal renovations

Insurance cover
Works – £1.9m, Existing structure – £2.5m

Introducer’s earnings





Property & project type
Grade 2 detached property in Hertfordshire

Works carried out
Demolition and reconstruction of two existing extensions, plus full internal renovations

Insurance cover
Works – £700,000, Existing structure – £2.2m

Introducer’s earnings





Property & project type
Semi-detached house & extension works

Works carried out
Side and rear extension, loft dormer and internal reconfiguration

Insurance cover
Works – £300,000, Existing structure – £750,000

Introducer’s earnings



Case Study: Insurance Claim

Below is an example where renovators have not had the correct insurance in place and the resulting costs that came out of their pocket.


Property & project type
Grade 2 listed detached property

Works carried out
Double storey side and rear extension, plus full internal renovations

Insurance cover
Works – £700,000
Existing structure – £1.5m


  • Client didn’t inform their existing home insurers of the planned building works & their policy is invalidated by structural work.
  • They appointed 1 main contractor so thought their new works were insured under the contractors policy – but the contractor only has a limit of £500,000 per project on their insurance.
  • In a total loss, the client is short £200,000 on their works cover, and their existing structure is not covered under their existing policy.

You could help your client avoid situations like this by introducing them to us at Renovation Plan.

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