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Your home is likely to be your most valuable asset, therefore it is essential that you make sure you have the appropriate cover in place.

More than two thirds of UK homeowners didn’t tell their insurer about having work done, according to a report by Hiscox Insurance*. That meant they wouldn’t have been covered for the project they were working on.

What is Renovation Insurance?

Renovation Insurance is a specialist policy that is designed to cover your property whilst undergoing works. Home renovations can be complex projects and the risk is no longer considered standard to most insurers as your property is likely to be open to the elements, unoccupied, vulnerable to theft and so on.

What will insurers need to know?

In order to obtain a renovation quote, we will require information such as:

  • Description of works
  • Works duration
  • Cost of works
  • Details regarding the existing structure

Our policy provides cover for the existing structure, contract works, public liabilities and any unfixed materials on site.

Unfixed materials

Our policy will include cover for any unfixed materials on site. These are items which have been delivered but are not yet fitted i.e. bathrooms, kitchen, tiles etc. A standard home insurance policy would not cover these items until they are fitted.

Optional add-ons

There are a number of optional add-ons available such as insurance cover for Basic Contents, Tools, Hired in Plant, Caravans/ Site Huts, Employers’ Liability and Non-Negligence.

Many people do not realise their home insurance policy is invalidated by structural work, or they think they have cover without reading the exclusions in relation to works at their property. Renovation Plan will provide cover for your property when your home insurers can’t.

* https://www.gocompare.com/home-insurance/home-improvements/#


Q: Does my home insurance cover my works?

A: You will need to notify your insurer prior to carrying out any works. Insurers will take a number of things into consideration when assessing whether they can continue cover for your property i.e. will the property be unoccupied? Will the works be structural? etc.

If you are carrying out minimal decoration works, your existing insurer may be able to continue cover. However, they may apply a number of terms and restrictions such as an Accidental Damage exclusion or a Theft restriction. A standard policy will not provide cover for your unfixed materials, whereas a specialist renovation policy would.

Q: Why does my insurance provider need to know about my works?

A: Before undergoing any type of renovation works at your property you will need to inform your current providers, especially if you are moving out of the property. You could be invalidating your policy if you do not let them know.

Q: I thought my builder was covering the works?

A: Many people are under the impression that their builder will be covering the works, however this is not always the case. It is a condition of our policy that any builder you appoint must have at least £2m Public Liability insurance in place but this would only cover claims in the event of their negligence.

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